Motorcycle rent Tenerife

Driving a motorcycle in beautiful Tenerife to experience a great day, is not an unattainable dream!
With our motorcycle rent possibilities, we are not only limited to deliver vehicles. We also offer the possibility to enjoy an unforgettable time in the beautiful landscape of the largest Canary Island!
About Motorcycle Hire in Tenerife – Island Connections Article

A wide selection of Motorcycle rental

Do you want to spend an amazing day in Tenerife exploring the fantastic landscape, while you’re driving a comfortable, high quality motorcycle? We can guarantee you that this dream can easily come true with the motorcycle rental opportunities! is a motorcycle rental agency that works close with various rental centers across Tenerife South. We inspect and make sure the quality of the motorbikes are in top conditions for your vacation on 2 wheels.

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Motorcycle Hire Tenerife is our specialty and we are working only with the best motorcycle rental companies in Tenerife. We have got a broad assortment of powerful motorcycle brands and models where you can choose from. Moreover, we deliver the motorcycles to the doorstep of your hotel so that the joyriding can start right away! Contact us for more information about motor rent in Tenerife!

Scooter rent Tenerife

Driving a scooter in beautiful Tenerife is great fun! With a scooter, it is possible to manoeuvre around and enjoy the fantastic landscape of Tenerife, quickly and easily. Do you also want to explore the curves and roads with fantastic views? Than we advise you to contact us for the scooter rental options!

Scooter rent

Besides motorcycles, our portfolio also includes rental offers for scooters in Tenerife. Only a driver’s licence with a minimum of 2 years is needed to rent a scooter. Contact us to take advantage of the best prices and conditions of scooter rent!


In Tenerife there is plenty to see and to do. You can think of visiting theme parks, taking part of (water)sport activities, admiring nature and other fun things to do. Beside of these examples, Tenerife is also the perfect location to go on an excursion. Many possibilities for excursion and recreation are at your fingertips on this beautiful island. The beautiful Spanish landscape, curves, roads and hills are definitely worth to see by motorcycle!

Excursion by Motorcycle or Scooter

If you want to go on an excursion, you can perfectly use a motorcycle or scooter to manoeuvre quickly and easily. These powerful and fast vehicles are very suitable to drive in the landscape of Tenerife.

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Do you want to rent a motor or a scooter to go on an excursion in Tenerife? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

Classic cruiser and classic bikes

We also offers classic cruiser motorcycles and classic bikes. The classic cruiser is a motorcycle model with a unique style. This model is modern in all aspects, but features a classic style at the same time. For those who have a preference for nostalgic motorcycles, we have also offer classic bike models to choose from.

Choose your motorcycle!

Do you want to go on excursion with one of our classic cruiser motorcycles or classic bikes? Take a look at our assortment to choose your favourite motorcycle!

We specialize in motorcycle rental for those who want to enjoy a fantastic day on the island Tenerife. This island features a beautiful landscape with perfect roads where driving motorcycle becomes an unforgettable experience! Our range includes several motorcycle types and brands for excellent prices. If you want to take advantage of the best prices and conditions of moto rent, we would like to invite you to take a look at our assortment!

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